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SEO for people and for search engines

SEO for people  and for search engines

We have heard that if we want our business to prosper we must have an adequate web presence and open our line of business to the online world. Many stop at hiring a web hosting, domain registration and someone to make me the website. Soon they begin to realize that the web page is insufficient, they should use social networks and take care of the SEO. And this is where the word SEO starts hammering our ears (or our eyes if we are readers).

Make a good website design, do things right the first time. One thing we must be clear is that it is better to do things well, do them twice, and therefore we should go for having an online presence considering all aspects such as choosing the right hosting, domain, we represent or have a website design and technically sound according to SEO along with a social media strategy tied to our work in SEO.

Therefore we will try to give some ideas for the SEO concept become clearer, and used as an argument to one of the most important parts of web design is considered. What is SEO? Perhaps discovering its acronym obtain the best definition of which is the SEO: Search Engine Optimization, in Spanish Optimization for Search Engines, it is the set of techniques used to improve search engine rankings of a website. This positioning is obtained naturally, and long term.

Feel free to check our post about search engine optimization, you will become a good SEO consultant. Therefore, and seen from the point of view of the user, the SEO will enable when searching a term, the search engine is able to return the most relevant results. And that’s when the SEO work will have paid off if we can be among the first results. It goes without saying that getting the first results be multiply our visits and therefore very likely to increase our sales.

Optimize our website for search engines is not easy, we will find hundreds of guidelines and best practices also change quickly, because what must be clear that SEO is a constant work and bears fruit in the long term. SEO has two main of which we in future post, SEO On Page and Off Page SEO components.

Seo OnPage. Seo OnPage or internal positioning, are those actions that must be integrated into our website and are related to the design, with the proper selection of keywords in our content, accessibility, navigability, mobile use, labels in code , site map and so on. Hence because we spoke at the beginning of the SEO must be present to build our website.

Offpage Seo. The Offpage Seo or external positioning, deal with those things we can do out of our website, such as creating a good structure of links to our web (link building), building community on social networks or promotion our website through a blog. All this will improve our PageRank.

Now you know that is the SEO and also because he can do better positioned in search, because you will help search engines understand you do you offer and when to show your website to your future customers, so you’ll get that your site is relevant and listed in the search engines faster. Do not hesitate to rely on our professional search engine optimization services in we have a team of expert SEO consultants to make the most of your web presence.

Google Penguin: good practice of SEO

Google Penguin good practice of SEO

Since May 2012, Google rolled out a series of updates to its algorithm that seeks to penalize sites that use certain abusive positioning techniques. Called “Penguin”, this algorithm focuses on automating procedures netlinking which aims to improve the positioning of web pages in Google. With the deployment of Penguin 4.0 in May 2013, what are the good SEO practices that should be followed to reduce the risk of penalties? SEO agency Texas explains the basics of how it works.

What is Google “Penguin”? Google or Google Penguin Penguin is the codename for a series of updates to the Google algorithm that seeks to criminalize the classification of websites that use abusive positioning techniques to improve the ranking of your pages in Google results. The Penguin update was articulated in four days, with two major updates, the most important being the opening and renovation of May 22, 2013. In detail: Penguin 1, launched on April 24, 2012, affecting 3.1% of searches (keywords). Penguin 2, released on May 26, 2012 (0.1% of searches affected). Penguin 3 released on October 5, 2012 (0.3% of searches affected). Penguin 4 released on May 22, 2013 (2.1% of searches affected). Differences with Panda. The Google algorithm update designated under the name of “Panda” and deployed from 2011 seeks to criminalize the classification of low quality websites content. It focuses on the criteria for positioning internal to the site. Penguin particularly Google penalizes sites that use abusive techniques netlinking, that is contrary to the policies of Google. This update focuses on the criteria of external positioning site (return links).

Choosing anchors links or backlinks.Avoid systematize the use of the same link anchor backlinks. It is important to vary the searches associated with return links.

Pay attention to anchors on the positioning optimized to correspond to “exact search” to improve the ranking of a website on a keyword frequently typed. The multiplication of this type of anchors is a warning sign for Google. Netlinking Ban buying links return through payment networks. In his instructions to webmasters, Google says the “relay system” to particularly include “buying links or messages that contain links and exchange of goods or services for links”. Avoid reciprocal link exchange. Avoid positioning return links from sites connected by links between them. Avoid posting links back from websites whose overall theme is not related to the linked (sometimes even outside thematic) site. Also avoid: Links inconsistent positioned return items in low quality content. Shared links from bookmarking sites or directories of poor quality. The links widely spread on the pages of different websites. Links to anchors on optimized in the comments or the firm sent messages in discussion forums.

Disapprove a return link. Google provides webmasters a tool that allows them to disapprove return links using the control panel “Google: tool for webmasters” service. This tool can be used in order to eliminate poor quality backlink. Beyond Penguin. According to information from Matt Cutts, head of Google’s spam team, several improvements will be provided to the algorithm of Google in the continuity of the Penguin update in 2013.

The good practice of SEO

The good practice of SEOThe traditional techniques of  SEO are already well known (Search Engine Optimization), but lately have come new acronyms that are so well known by all, the SXO (optimization of the search experience), is a series of techniques that take into account from the initial question of the users in the search, to the conversions that they could perform during your visit on the website.

For simplicity, we can say that the SXO is a combination of SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO). SEO (search engine optimization) techniques try to increase the visibility of the site and improve search engine rank. For its part, the CRO has the goal of making a visit to a page on a client.

You could say that the traditional SEO techniques can be divided into two groups. One is the optimization actions carried out on the website itself, calls actions SEO On-site, which are aimed to make more understandable the website to search engines and to have the opportunity to be crawled and indexed by search robots. The other group of traditional stocks are called SEO activities outsite such as link building, link baiting or actions related to social networks. This second group of actions are aimed at increasing the relevance and authority of a website. Say thanks to the combination of these two traditional techniques, any website could increase your chances of getting the best positions searches on your target audience.

Well, what about the user experience? That is to say. Do you think that the quality of information offered by a web site has some way to consolidate or improve their position? The answer is yes. Meanwhile, the search engines you are interested in offering them the best possible response to questions from its users, it is at this point that the importance of SXO.

Having overcome the on-site and Out-Site actions related to traditional Greek SEO techniques, our goal should be “to kill Search” our target users. An example: Imagine that a user does a search, and having considered the options that Google has provided access to websites that appear in the top positions. The behavior of this user can be varied, but let’s simplify and say that, having examined the various options offered, you can take two paths. You could leave all those surveyed sites and perform a new search in Google, or could interact in any of these websites, making such a record, sending a contact form, has made a purchase, adding a comment, developing social interaction , etc.

Say that when the user interacts with the web site, or completely eliminates the need for a second search, is “killing search”. The most suitable is the information provided, the greater positioning capability. If the content of your website is able to “kill search” will certainly have greater visibility in search engines, provide greater quantity or quality of traffic, and of course, better opportunities to generate business.

In this sense, techniques SXO are based on control of a number of metrics, some well-known by all as the bounce rate, average time spent, objective measurement, and other lesser-known batches and are more related with Google’s own algorithms. One could also say that SEO works today is closely related to the target audience segmentation, content marketing and social media management.

Limousines and its history with presidents

Limousines and its history with presidents
A limousine as is known today, as luxury car elongated. The body, usually black or white, may have been amplified by the manufacturer or an independent mechanic.
Limo Service Chattanooga tn talks a little about the past of those elegant cars.The first elongated limousine was created using a Lincoln Continental in 1954, considered a record in luxury vehicles. Today limousines are driven by chauffeurs usually until mid-nineties were often associated with millionaires. They are also used for special occasions like weddings, parties or tourism. Lincoln Town Car limousine 90s length is appreciated when compared to other surrounding vehicles. If we have to talk about presidential limousines, two car brands that inevitably are linked to the figure of the President of the United States: Lincoln and Cadillac.

Since the days of Woodrow Wilson, who climbed into a Cadillac on the day of the celebration of the Allied victory in World War I, the two typically American brands have alternated as a vehicle for official use. The origins. But think back to the beginnings of this tradition. The first President of the United States in riding in a motor vehicle was in the late nineteenth century, William McKinley. With his successor, Theodore Roosevelt, the first cars owned by the Government of the United States are acquired. They tried two Stanley Steamer. The next president, William Howard Taft, was the first to have a vehicle parked in the White House itself. After him come the already mentioned Woodrow Wilson and Warren Harding, the first to walk in a limousine on the day of his inauguration, a Packard. Twin Six. After Coolidge and Hoover that used two separate Cadillac, arrived at the years of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt took the reins of the country and, in 1938, received a pair of Cadillac convertible, called “Queen Mary” and “Queen Elizabeth”. Measuring 21.5 feet long, they weighed 7.660 pounds and had a full arsenal to protect the President. They are the first armored presidential history. The two models were used, later, its successors Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower. The first presidential limousine In 1939, also in times of Roosevelt, it is the first vehicle built specifically manufactured for use by leader of the United States. It is, so to speak, the first presidential limousine in history, as the former were own cars, vehicles or conventional gifts from other leaders. It called “Sunshine Special” was a Lincoln V12 convertible, which remained in use until 1950.

While some limousines are owned by individuals, many of the governments are in order to carry significant political, from large companies to take business or transportation for guests. Many limousines, however, operate as rental vehicles, various companies competing with metered. The word Limousine (Limousine) comes from a French word for a garment shaped hood used by shepherds to protect themselves from the rain and cold. The arrival of Bill Clinton to power means not only Cadillac’s return to Washington, but also GM’s participation in the complete production of the presidential limousine. Until the legislature of Clinton, all presidential vehicles were adapted and modified by specialized companies in such cars. The Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham appointed was designed, developed and manufactured entirely within General Motors, except the support of companies specializing in shielding. This trend would continue in the following years with George Bush Jr., first, and Barack Obama, later.