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Brickell Condos For Sale: Why You Should Live in Paramount Bay

condos at Paramount BayIf you are going to search for the most ideal places to live in Miami, there is no doubt that Paramount Bay is included in the list. The fact that it has a good reputation, it is not a surprise that several investors are looking for Brickell condos for sale in that area.

Paramount Bay is no doubt a stunning property. It really embodies the essence of the terms opulence and luxury. This Miami property renders excitement and life in the financial district where it is in. The bottom floors are filled with a lot of restaurants, retail spaces, so as office spaces. Because of this fact, it is indeed so easy for residents to make quick errands, so as get quick food.

For majority of people who see Paramount Bay, its twin buildings are indeed unique and iconic. After all, these features are what first entice real estate investors. Among the primary highlights of Paramount Bay is its smart technology, and that includes interactive touch panel technology, high-tech trash shoots, and a lot more. Indeed, Paramount Bay is indeed among the most innovative structure in the city.

All real estate investors are eager to know about the residence features of the condo building that they are considering. And since you are a potential real estate investor, who is interested with living in 500 Brickell, you are surely interested with the features of the residences in this Miami gem. Well, all of its residences have spacious floor plans.

You will also appreciate its Italian cabinetry so as the glass railed balconies. Do not forget about the granite countertops, imported tile floors, as well as the stainless steel appliances. 500 Brickell also has a full washer, as well as dryer. Just by looking at these features, it is clear that 500 Brickell brings convenience.

Aside from the fact that the structure looks amazing, 500 Brickell also has relaxing amenities like spa, rooftop infinity edge pools, fitness center, so as a sun deck. If you want to indulge yourself with entertainment from time to time, you can check out the billiards area, club room, as well as the lounge.

condos at Paramount BayIn 500 Brickell, you can ensure your security, because there is a 24-hour security and valet. Thus, living in 500 Brickell can truly give you a peace of mind. 500 Brickell is indeed perfect for those who are yearning for urban waterfront living.

500 Brickell sits in a Downtown Miami section referred to as Brickell. Living in 500 Brickell has a lot of benefits, for instance, easy access to restaurants and local shops. Since 500 Brickell is very proximal to Downtown Miami and South Beach, then you can easily access entertainment, shopping, and fine dining establishments.

All of these and more in 500 Brickell. Check for condos for sale at Paramount Bay now at, and live in this Miami crowning glory tomorrow.

Efficient Tips for Choosing and Monitoring 401K and other Benefit Plan Administrators

Best 401K Investment ManagerAs sponsors of pension plans and other kinds of retirement saving plans like 401K, companies and business owners are responsible for making sure that their plans conform to the Federal Law, and that includes the ERISA or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Majority of businesses depend on other professionals to advise and aid them when it comes to their employee benefit plan obligations. Because of this reason, it is important to choose competent service providers and this is among the relevant responsibilities of the plan sponsors, and that includes selecting a 401K investment manager. Please check for more information.

In order to become great of help for companies and business owners in doing their duties and responsibilities under the ERISA to deliberately choose and monitor plan service administrators, the Employee Benefits Security Administration has givens certain guidelines which may help in choosing one.

  • Companies and business owners should consider the services that they require for their plan, such as accounting, legal, custodial/trustee, recordkeeping, investment advice, investment education, and investment management.
  •  When they come across to multiple service providers, companies and business owners should ask questions regarding their services. They should as well scrutinize the plans administrators’ experiences in terms of employee benefit plans, expenses and fees. They should not also forget about acquiring customer references or any other info that relate to the quality of their services, as well as customer satisfaction with those services.
  •  Once in the point of having a list of prospective plans administrators, companies and business owners should present each and every one of them similar and complete info about thes requirements of their plan. They may want to acquire formal bids from those prospective plans administrators which seem best suited to their requisites.
  •  Companies and business owners may as well wish to take into consideration service providers or the alliances of the providers that render multiple services, for instance, custodial trustee, advice, investment advice, education, management, so as recordkeeping but only for a single fee. These kinds of arrangements are referred to as bundled services.
  •  Inquire to every prospect plans administrator to be specific regarding which services will be covered by the estimated fees and those that are not included. Companies and business owners should then compare all of the information that they receive, and that includes expenses and fees to be charged by the different administrators for the same services. It is also important to take note that the plan trustees are not always mandated to select the least expensive provider. As highly cognizable, when it comes to searching for a service provider, cost is only among the factors that must be considered, but not necessarily the most important one.
  •  Companies and business owners should choose a plans administrator that has a fidelity bond. This is a type of insurance which safeguards the plan against loss due to dishonest or fraudulent acts.
  •  If the plans administrator is consisted of licensed individuals, for instance, investment managers, accountants, or attorneys, companies and business owners should check with the licensing authorities, either state or federal, to verify that the administrator has an updated license or to check if there are any complaints that are pending against the plans administrator.

Companies and business owners should follow these tips to ensure that they will hire the right 401K investment manager.